Turkish Beach Towels

Stylish, soft, lightweight and quick drying – we can’t get enough of our Turkish Beach Towels! Turkish cotton beach towels by Ozel are made from 100% pure Turkish cotton. So compact, they leave plenty of spare room in your beach bag or suitcase. 1 chunky towel is equivalent to 4 of our Turkish towels rolled up. Ideal for travelling families.

At Ozel, we bring a wide range of hand woven towels made from premium cotton. Our beach towels are made using traditional weaving methods. Ozel Turkish beach towels are soft, absorbent, durable, lightweight, compact and quick drying. Perfect for beach lovers, intrepid travellers & homebodies.

Turkish towels are traditionally known as a Peshtemal. They have existed for centuries, a fact which endorses the amazing qualities of this high-grade cotton. Primarily used as a cover up in a Turkish bath house (more commonly referred to as a Hammam). This ancient ritual has many health benefits primarily cleanliness, relaxation & detoxification which enables a clearer mind & positive energy.

Ozel Turkish towels come in a wide variety of colours and designs. An easy quick wash in cool water & line dry makes for convenient care & as a bonus they get better with age – the more you wash, the softer they become. These quick drying and compact towels can be doubled up as a beach towel and a sarong. Compliment your personal style, there something for everyone! Browse through our wide range of beach towels. Happy shopping!

You can also become a stockist of our amazing towels. We offer all our Turkish cotton pieces for wholesale. Send us an email to karen@ozel.com.au for more information about becoming a stockist.

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