Vacay Sun Cape

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Vacay Sun Capes

Little red riding hood goes to the beach.

Suitable for ages 2 – 5 years, our Vacay sun capes feature an over-sized hood to keep harmful rays off precious skin.

Cute little pocket to hide treasures found on the beach.

Get on & off with ease, very lightweight your little beach babe won’t even know they have one on.
Made in Turkey & woven with 100% Turkish Cotton.

Natural fibers & organic pigment dyes making them perfect for the most sensitive skin types.

Offering all the qualities of Turkish cotton – lightweight, absorbent & quick-dry.

We have designed this cape to provide the perfect balance of protection from the fierce sun & soaking up that vitamin D by the seaside. Vitamin D is an essential part to making us smile.

Australian designed specifically to keep our little ones sun safe from UV rays.

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