What we are all about….

We have a picnic, beach, home collection showcasing the luxurious qualities of Turkish Cotton, featuring hand loomed picnic rounds, lifestyle throws, beach blankets & Turkish towels.

The beautiful art of weaving has been around for as long as fabric has existed, a technique that takes Artisan’s years to master.

With quality & durability at the top of our list, each piece embodies a sensory element that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our ever evolving collection is practical, versatile & adaptable to our coastal lifestyle.

ÖZEL means exclusive, distinct & unique. This concept encapsulates our brand & products.

ÖZEL was founded by lifelong friends in early 2015. Growing up by the sea, we are inspired by the calming power of water & the natural beauty that surrounds it.

With our love of travel & connection to the beach, it was only natural that we would create something special that blended these elements. Along with the need to satisfy a creative desire, ÖZEL was born.

After extensive textile research & design (both locally & internationally) we created a Collection that is practical, versatile & adaptable to our coastal lifestyle.

Our first collection includes organic baskets, handmade from Bangladesh jute & traditional seagrass, native to origin.
Hand loomed towels, picnic rugs, beach blankets & lifestyle throws, all handmade with love in Turkey.

In addition, our own unique kimono designs are casual yet stylish & can be worn from day to night. A must have in every woman’s closet.

Our products are versatile for all seasons – cosy up in Winter, spontaneous picnic’s in Spring, Summer days by the sea, and outdoor venture’s in Autumn.

All ÖZEL products come in a variety of natural tones & statement shades to compliment any room or personal style.

We support the culture of sustainable craftsmanship & fair trade.

We believe it’s the small details that have the biggest impact & we are passionate about what we do.
We personally design and handpick all our products. We are very excited to share ÖZEL with you.

Nicki and Karen xx